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Pandora Sirius XM

SiriusXM to Purchase Pandora: What It Means for Marketers

Sirius XM announced at the end of September that it is purchasing streaming audio service Pandora, bringing together two major players in the audio space. While it grabbed a lot of headlines, the acquisition wasn’t all that surprising as Sirius had established a 15 percent ownership stake in Pandora and many in the industry expected a complete takeover. But […]

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Programmatic Advertising

What to Know About Programmatic Advertising in the New Age of Out-Of-Home

Out-of-home (OOH) advertising has been sitting on the sidelines during the recent digital data arms race. However, over the past year, outdoor companies have been working to both catch up and keep up with how media are purchased today.

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Pinterest Buyable Pins on an iPad and iPhone

From Pin to Purchase: What You Need to Know About Buyable Pins

Pinterest recently launched “buyable pins” with select partners, paving the way for pinners to purchase to their hearts’ content on mobile.

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Viewable Impressions Erin Holzbauer

What is a Viewable Impression? Setting a Standard for Advertisers and Media Partners

What is a “viewable impression?” A new industry standard is changing the way advertisers and media partners define impressions. Here’s how it affects you.

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