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Four Social Media Trends On The Rise

With social media, the only thing that is constant is change. Here’s a look at the biggest shifts we’re seeing in the social landscape. 1. Stories > Feeds With the proliferation of Stories, particularly on Instagram, Facebook is predicting that people will consume more content in Stories than feeds. It’s not hard to see why. […]

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Social Listening

Four Reasons Brands Should Invest in Social Listening

Can you think of a friend you’ve had who talked about themselves often but rarely listened and only did so when it was convenient for them? That’s what a lot of brands do on social media every day, and with similar consequences—fewer followers, fewer loyalists and, overall, less impact. Much like real-life relationship building, brands […]

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How to Write a Winning CTA

CTA is marketing speak for “call to action,” a short line or phrase–sometimes only a word or two—that aims to trigger a specific reaction from the reader/viewer/listener.

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