Director of Insights/Partner

Nothing fascinates Ann more than understanding the psychology of…well, everything. Having fully embraced her childhood “why” phase, Ann has made it her life’s work to understand the rational, irrational, emotional and instinctual reasons behind our choices. After receiving her Bachelor of Science degree in psychology, she attended the Wisconsin School of Business where she completed her MBA with a focus on market research. Today, our clients turn to Ann to make sense of the chaos and deliver evidence-based recommendations that can drive growth.
Ann spent nearly two decades leading research projects and teams on major national brands at Kraft Foods and Spectrum Brands before joining Hiebing, where she oversees a department of analysts and project managers adept at fielding qualitative and quantitative research on any scale. Conducting drive-thru ethnographies, identifying Gen Z dining patterns and digging deep into the emotional connection with a brand are just part of the job.
She continues to be a thought leader in modern research topics and methodologies. She has added several implicit techniques (system 1/system 2 thinking) into the Hiebing toolbox to provide even more ways of helping clients understand their target audience. Ann has served as an external advisory board member for the A.C. Nielson Center for Marketing Analytics and Insights since 2000. She frequently offers her time to lecture in various classes at the University of Wisconsin—Madison and mentors students in the MBA program. Studying young adults and teenagers would arguably prove useful at home, but Ann confesses that her daughter and son have always been statistical anomalies.

Two Truths and a Lie:

  1. Climbed Ayers Rock in Australia’s outback…twice
  2. Is mentioned in a World War II history book
  3. Survived an alligator jumping in her airboat