Don’t let the method get in the way of the message.

Dave Florin

Hiebing YouTube SEO

Advanced YouTube SEO: Best Practices for a High Search Ranking

If you think simply posting your video to YouTube is the best way to get views and catapult to the top of YouTube’s search ranking, think again.

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Programmatic Advertising

What to Know About Programmatic Advertising in the New Age of Out-Of-Home

Out-of-home (OOH) advertising has been sitting on the sidelines during the recent digital data arms race. However, over the past year, outdoor companies have been working to both catch up and keep up with how media are purchased today.

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Audience Targeting

How to Use Facebook Targeting to Your Advantage

You’ve created an on-brand message, but are you confident the right people are seeing it? Each year, brands waste millions of dollars promoting content in front of the masses rather than zeroing in on a specific target with whom the message would resonate. For example, it’s one thing to promote your content to people based […]

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Successful Influencer

The Campaign Brief: Set Up Your Influencers for Success

At this point, influencer marketing is no longer a rising trend or revolutionary idea, rather an essential part of your brand’s marketing and PR plan.

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David & Goliath Hiebing

How Bricks & Mortar Stores Can Combat Amazon

64 percent of American households have Amazon Prime. And one scary quote: “I think that effectively you have a company that has conspired with about a million consumers and technology to destroy brands.” – Scott Gallaway, NYU Stern School of Business speaking at L2’s Amazon Clinic

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Hiebing SXSW 2018

10 Key Trends and Takeaways from SXSW (2018)

When it comes to the life of a marketer, change seems to happen at hyper speed. We went to SXSW in our agency’s second city of Austin to see how others are tackling the latest trends and thinking for clients and industries. Check out our 10 key trends and takeaways from SXSW:

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Social Butterfly

The 5 Biggest Social Media Changes We’re Seeing for 2018

Ch-ch-ch-changes: Social media is never what it used to be, especially with 2017 bringing several seismic shifts that affect how marketers do business. Here’s a look at the biggest shifts we’re already seeing for your brand’s 2018 social media strategy.

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Mobile Research

Research + Mobile Devices: Tips for Maximizing Response Rates

It’s no longer a question of whether or not mobile is changing how we do what we do. One of the last frontiers to be affected by the transition to mobile dependence has been market research, but our practice is now evolving at a rapid pace. Trend forecasters all agree that the proportion of online […]

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Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups: Where Organic Reach Still Occurs (And How to Leverage It)

It’s no secret that brands are feeling the struggle of changing social media algorithms and decreasing organic reach. Take, for example, Facebook’s recent announcement about reducing the visibility of business and brand posts in order for its users to create more meaningful connections, and the subsequent frenzy throughout the social media marketing community. Enter the […]

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