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Don’t let the method get in the way of the message.

Dave Florin

Love the One You’re With: Customer Retention in Times of Crisis Part 2

This is the second post of a two-part series dedicated to the importance of customer retention in a crisis. There’s an old saying in the South: “Dance with the one who brung ya.” Of course, its relevance goes beyond the dance hall – it underscores the value of the people and relationships that got you […]

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Customer Retention Graphic | Hiebing

Love the One You’re With: Customer Retention in Times of Crisis Part 1

During blue-sky seasons, businesses tend to measure success by the bottom line and lead gen. But in moments of crisis, KPIs for success – like everything else – have to change.

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COVID-19 Accelerates Behavior Changes, Power of Digital Marketing

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in the short and long term will undoubtedly vary by industry, but one common takeaway is the widening of a pre-existing divide among companies – specifically online and traditional businesses.

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Sonic Boom Book

How Sound Transforms Us – A Hiebing Book Report

During a recent agency book club meeting, we discussed “Sonic Boom” by Joel Beckerman. This tome will serve to dial up your awareness about the important role sound plays in the world of marketing. If you have time to read it, you can pick up a copy here. If not, here are five fast takeaways […]

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Social Habits Of Elder Z

What Elder Z’s Social Habits Mean for Marketers

Our agency recently conducted nationwide research to learn more about Elder Z, the upper half of Gen Z (ages 16-22, born 1998-2004). We chose to do this for a couple of reasons: 1) This group is quickly gaining momentum and becoming a force in the marketplace, and 2) We know so little about them compared […]

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Introducing Elder Z Insights for Marketers

The ultimate goal of research is to increase understanding and unearth insights. For marketers, those takeaways serve as the bedrock for marketing strategies and the creative work that stems from them.

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Unhooking From The Negative – A Hiebing Book Report

At our latest agency book club meeting, we discussed “Emotional Agility” by Susan David. The book offers different strategies to help you become “unhooked” from negative thoughts and emotions – an evergreen topic that bears additional weight and increased value in our 2020 world. If time for reading is on your side, consider picking up […]

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Marketing In A Recession

What to Consider When Marketing in a Recession

COVID-19 induced a sudden economic slowdown that spread throughout the world at record speed. Combined with the uncertainty around the continued effects of the virus, the slowdown has all but made a full-blown recession a foregone conclusion.

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Social Crisis

4 Social Media Must-Haves for Your Crisis Response Plan

Times of crisis breed panic and confusion, and the first place many people go to share their thoughts, opinions and concerns is social media.

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Remote Meetings | Hiebing

Between the Screens: Tips for Successful Remote Meetings and Presentations

Online meetings and presentations are becoming the new norm in today’s workplace, especially amid COVID-19, but beyond these pandemic times, they can also be our most frequent and necessary method of sharing plans and ideas.

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