Content should be “wearable”; it should help the target express their personality and tap into emotion.

Adam Benavides
Account Executive


How to Write a Winning CTA

CTA is marketing speak for “call to action,” a short line or phrase–sometimes only a word or two—that aims to trigger a specific reaction from the reader/viewer/listener.

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Culvers Snapchat Filters

Unlocking Snapchat’s Major Key: Authenticity

Amid all the posting, tweeting and pinning, a different verb has worked its way to the social forefront: snapping.

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The Power of Agile Insights

George Bernard Shaw may have put it best when he said, “Progress is not possible without change.” Change, along with death and taxes, seems to be the one thing you can’t avoid in today’s evolving world. The extent and pace of change that the 21st century has brought about serves as a constant challenge for marketers […]

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Long Form Writing

Go Long: Why—and How—You Should Include Long-Form Content

How many times have you heard that humans have a shorter attention span than goldfish? A million, right? We apparently max out after eight seconds, just enough time to read a Facebook post or a tweet or two. How then is it that long-form content—content stretching at least 1,200 words—is still coming up clutch?

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Live Video

Live Video: A Must-Have Element in Your Marketing Plan

Live video has arrived and will not be ignored, folks! All major social media platforms are jumping on the live video bandwagon and for good reason. When it comes to video, to quote the Madison-formed-turned-Austin-transplant band Timbuk 3, “Things are going great, and they’re only getting better.”

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2017 Marketing Trends

Hiebing Predicts: Marketing Trends to Watch in 2017

With minds reflecting on the past and eyes set on a successful future, our agency team is keeping our thoughts on—and hatching plans around—these rising trends for 2017, many of which are as exciting for us as they are for the clients we serve.

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Content Marketing

Making Content That Matters > Making Content

The year was 2010. The first iPad was unveiled, the finale of Lost disappointed the nation (c’mon, it was terrible) and a new trend got our industry talking. It was the year that content marketing exploded onto the scene, becoming a key component of marketing plans for B2B and B2C brands alike. In the years […]

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Mobile Usage

Making Mobile a Priority of Your Digital Strategy

In October 2016, the web quietly passed a milestone. For the first time ever, more web pages were viewed on mobile devices than on desktop computers. This development might not surprise you given recent growth trends in mobile, but have you thought about what it means for your digital strategy?

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Media Relations

Maintaining Relationships with Reporters: The Magic’s in the Friendship

Thanks to your charm or your persistence (or a magical mix of both), you’ve finally landed an incredible placement. The reporter wrote a great piece lauding your client. Now how do you make sure they do it again?

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