Content should be “wearable”; it should help the target express their personality and tap into emotion.

Adam Benavides
Account Executive

Digital Brand Safety

How to Keep Your Brand Safe in a Digital World

Context is a key component of communication, and brand messaging is no different. Brands have always been concerned with the atmosphere in which their messages appear, whether it is avoiding adult-themed topics or for competitive separation reasons.

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Wearable Content

Wearable = Shareable: Create (and Ignite) Compelling Content—A Hiebing Book Report

Content marketers today are faced with a unique challenge, where audiences can find the information they crave without being drowned out by waves of irrelevant stuff. So, what’s a savvy content marketer to do? Strategize. According to The Content Code author Mark Schaefer, the key to becoming a phenomenal content marketer is to follow this […]

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Four LinkedIn Strategies Your Brand Needs to Consider

When asked to think of a professional-targeted, thought-leadership-driven social media channel, LinkedIn likely comes to mind. That’s because LinkedIn is often used as a specialized space where professionals connect with one another and share lessons from their careers. With more than 450 million members worldwide (nearly 30 percent of whom are in the U.S.), LinkedIn […]

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SXSW Interactive 2017

SXSW Interactive 2017: Artificial Intelligence, Humanity, and Starting With Story

Sleep never comes easy during or following SXSW—there’s too much to consider, reimagine, implement and test. Since attending SXSW Interactive in our agency’s second city of Austin, we’ve been ruminating on how the latest trends and new thinking around the tried and true apply to our clients and their industries. Here are a few things […]

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How to Write a Winning CTA

CTA is marketing speak for “call to action,” a short line or phrase–sometimes only a word or two—that aims to trigger a specific reaction from the reader/viewer/listener.

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Culvers Snapchat Filters

Unlocking Snapchat’s Major Key: Authenticity

Amid all the posting, tweeting and pinning, a different verb has worked its way to the social forefront: snapping.

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The Power of Agile Insights

George Bernard Shaw may have put it best when he said, “Progress is not possible without change.” Change, along with death and taxes, seems to be the one thing you can’t avoid in today’s evolving world. The extent and pace of change that the 21st century has brought about serves as a constant challenge for marketers […]

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Long Form Writing

Go Long: Why—and How—You Should Include Long-Form Content

How many times have you heard that humans have a shorter attention span than goldfish? A million, right? We apparently max out after eight seconds, just enough time to read a Facebook post or a tweet or two. How then is it that long-form content—content stretching at least 1,200 words—is still coming up clutch?

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Live Video

Live Video: A Must-Have Element in Your Marketing Plan

Live video has arrived and will not be ignored, folks! All major social media platforms are jumping on the live video bandwagon and for good reason. When it comes to video, to quote the Madison-formed-turned-Austin-transplant band Timbuk 3, “Things are going great, and they’re only getting better.”

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