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Madison is an eclectic town that never fails to inspire, provoke and amuse. It’s home to a world-class university that has earned much admiration and recognition – in part for being the nation’s top producer of Peace Corps volunteers and for consistently ranking alongside Harvard in its ability to generate Fortune 500 CEOs.

The city also offers a culture vibrant in many dimensions, with a seemingly endless recreation roster for adventure on the water, on the land and in the air. (Sure, the winter may be a bit nippy, but it just makes the rest of the year that much more glorious.) The opportunities and quality of life in this northern neck of the woods draw the brightest and the best in virtually all fields, among them the field that’s our passion: marketing (though we readily admit to having strong feelings about beer, cheese and bicycling, too).

Unquestionably, we believe enjoying all the greatness found outside our building leads to better work inside it – the type of work that inspires brand devotion.

Head North

Austin is a capital city with a kindred spirit, mirroring Madison in its ability to inspire, provoke and amuse. Also known as The Live Music Capital of the World and well known for its ability to “keep it weird,” Austin draws people deep into the heart of Texas for business, pleasure and a much-sought-after quality of life with its parks, lakes and trails, happening restaurant-and-bar scene and a seemingly endless lineup of concerts, festivals and events, namely Austin City Limits, SXSW and the Formula 1 U.S. Grand Prix.

The scenic city also lays claim to the world-class University of Texas – Austin (whose Longhorn teams are long on loyalty and big on burnt orange), an exploding tourism, meetings and conventions scene (bringing big bucks and job ops to downtown and beyond) and an enviable pool of tech and creative talent, which now includes you-know-who (Hiebing).

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