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August 12, 2010by Jeane Kropp

Oregon Chai: A brand with a soul

What happens when a new, luscious, warm and cozy brand arrives on the scene?

1. Success!

2. Imitators

This is the story of Oregon Chai. Oregon Chai was an idea brought to the states by a woman after an adventure in the Himalayas. She so enjoyed the sweet, spicy rich flavor, she created a brand to share it with others. Over time, Oregon Chai grew and competition followed.

Enter Hiebing. We looked at the history of Oregon Chai, we talked to consumers who love Oregon Chai, we listened to stories about drinking Oregon Chai. It became clear that in today’s world of frenzy, cellphones, chaos, cellphones, errands, cellphones, that people were using Oregon Chai to give themselves time to breathe. Oregon Chai allows people to resume their sense of self, to rally or relax for whatever may come.

So, go forth and turn that into the brand’s Soul Purpose, dear marketing partner Hiebing. And thus we did (don’t you love Olde English phrasing randomly dispersed?). We hemmed, we hawed, we came to consensus around “Me Time” as the perfect representation of a brand that’s got personality, a brand that’s got spunk, a brand that cares–the Oregon Chai brand.

Sharing the Me Time experience with consumers became a major focus, with a sampling/coupon promotion that drove immense trial and one of the highest enewsletter opt-in rates we’ve seen. Then it was on to the website in all its glory. Now visitors can spend time browsing the “Insider’s Guide to Me Time” and find new reason to Chai.

By reading this, I hope you’ve found Chai-spiration to find yourself a little Me Time. Regardless, that’s what I’m off to do, since I now keep it on my to-do list.

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