Data-Infused Marketing: The Key to Your Success 

January 22, 2024by Hiebing

Navigating the ever-evolving marketing terrain can feel like one giant Agatha Christie novel – plot twists around every bend. There is a key to unlocking the mysteries behind consumers’ dynamic behaviors, however, that can empower brands and solve the case: data. Like modern-day sleuths, harnessing insights from data can align brand messaging, piece together the strategy puzzle and connect target audiences with brands they love on a more personal level.  

In today’s hyper-consumer-driven landscape, target insights shape how and where we tell our stories to make meaningful connections – and the touchpoints available are constantly changing. Each data point, much like a piece of evidence in a Sherlock Holmes mystery, offers a clue that can unlock the secret behind a successful campaign. We’re following the data breadcrumbs to explore how data-powered campaigns drove a deeper understanding of the target and forged market share momentum in 2023.  

Decoding Summit’s Momentum:​ 

When it comes to choosing financial products, Summit Credit Union’s Make-It-Happen Woman target spends a lot of her time trying to figure out the right way to save more, buy a house or make another goal happen. In addition to weighing her options between various financial institutions, she is searching for more information about the products that offer what she needs. Previously, our messaging was largely focused on convincing her to choose Summit after she knew what product she needed, so we knew that expanding our messaging into content that helped her explore potential solutions could have a big impact on our performance in 2023.  

We incorporated educational content and resources into all our product campaigns, serving those assets in spaces where she might be seeking answers via display banners and social ads. Once we helped her find the right financial product to solve her problem, we followed up with all the reasons that Summit should be the right brand for her to choose for her certificate, mortgage, auto loan or whatever else she needed. 

Over a seven-month-long campaign, the proof of success was in our data story. Our expanded campaign led to an increase in new applicants, heightened direct web traffic from new customers, and resulted in more qualified loans approved and deposit accounts opened, every day.

Sleuthing ABC Supply’s New Driving System:  

When a brand rolls out a new system, there is usually trepidation around how it can affect the pipeline for both the workforce and the consumers. When our partners at ABC Supply concepted their new “Camera Coaching” system to improve safety for their drivers, we buckled up and took the target’s perspective for a ride to understand challenges and benefits before a national rollout.   

Not only did we uncover messages that would excite drivers about Camera Coaching, such as a scoring system that ignites their competitive spirit, but we found technical areas of opportunities that would make the system more consistent. Digging into these insights will continue to address what really matters to ABC Supply’s dedicated drivers and deepens messaging strategy to incentivize them as the system evolves.   

Armed with a data-driven understanding of our audience, we can find moments of meaningful connection and align our brand messaging to break through the noise. The journey through data analysis not only solves consumer mysteries but paves the way for strategic campaigns that leave a lasting impact on our audience. Piecing together the data puzzle isn’t always easy, but the clues derived from each data point can lead to cracking the case to gaining market share momentum.  

Are you searching for a marketing partner that will lead the way on your investigative data journey? Email Nate Tredinnick at to set up a call. 

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