Four Cool Things

May 10, 2010by Jeane Kropp

Four Things That Made Me Say WOW

1)     Sniff it up with LE WHIF

Now you can puff your chocolate instead of chew it. Le Whif, a lipstick shaped inhaler, sends out tiny particles of chocolate intended to tantalize the taste buds. And of course this is all for less than a single calorie! Plus likely it doesn’t stain your teeth.  Not sure how I feel about the ‘eating by breathing’ idea, but, hey, to each his own.

2)     Meet the moo-er via “Where is My Milk From?”

Buying local is all the rage, and there are more and more tools to identify “localness.” Enter this website to help us lowly consumers track our herds and judge some semblance of milk miles. (I did always wonder what those numbers were near the expiration date.) Now, whether people will care enough to switch brands or write manufacturers and producers is yet to be seen.

3)     The world is one, at least on

What I love most about this site is watching the number of blogs increase by 30 in 60 seconds, ultimately landing at 30,974,172 while I was writing this post. That’s a lot of people with a lot of things to say. The second most interesting thing about this site is that the only thing it doesn’t do is cook you dinner—but it does have chat, blogs, profiles, dating, poker, music, social networks, videos and possibly Jimmy Hoffa.

4)     OMG, did you see that catch??!!!

Last but not least, for all you sports fans out there, check out  “Are You Watching This?” In addition to your crazy fan friends calling and texting you, you can have an online service do it too. RUWT will send you alerts (ranging from okay to EPIC) about your sports/teams of choice. So now no need to change that wedding date or postpone that meeting with HR, because you’ll always know the score.

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