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Hiebing Opens Outpost Deep in the Heart of Texas

October 9, 2014by Hiebing

Madison is an eclectic town that never fails to inspire, provoke and amuse. It’s home to a world-class university that has earned much admiration and recognition—in part for being the nation’s top producer of Peace Corps volunteers and for consistently ranking alongside Harvard in its ability to generate Fortune 500 CEOs. It offers a culture vibrant on many dimensions, with nearly unlimited recreational opportunities on water and land. The quality of life draws the brightest and the best in virtually all fields, including the one that’s our passion (marketing). Our founder, Roman Hiebing, handpicked Madison as his hometown for all these reasons and more, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Nor would we ever attempt to export the magic that makes our city—and state—so great. People need to come here to experience it all for themselves. That being said, we wholly believe our clients and our agency have opportunities to further expand our reach and our ROI. Which is why we are pleased to announce that we have handpicked a hometown away from our hometown for launching a second Hiebing office…Austin, Texas.

As the clip shows and tells, the highly lauded capital city of Austin is a kindred spirit to Madison. It lays claim to an award-winning university, outdoor pursuits galore, a curious culture, world-renowned music and tons of creative and tech talent. So not only are Austin and Texas good for business, they are great places to do business (yours and ours).

We at Hiebing couldn’t be more excited about launching our location in The Live Music Capital of the World and the Lone Star State—or about inspiring brand devotion from both our Midwest and Southwest offices. We look forward to seeing you here and there and to sharing this next chapter with you.

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