How Sound Transforms Us – A Hiebing Book Report

July 10, 2020by Hiebing

During a recent agency book club meeting, we discussed “Sonic Boom” by Joel Beckerman. This tome will serve to dial up your awareness about the important role sound plays in the world of marketing. If you have time to read it, you can pick up a copy here. If not, here are five fast takeaways to help you ensure that your brand’s sound mix is striking the right tone and amplifying the right message.


1. Sound is the emotional engine for every story, pervasive and present in every moment. It affects our moods, reactions, thoughts and choices in significant and mostly subconscious ways.

2. The way that you sound is a lot more important than what you are saying.

3. Sound should be part of every thoughtful storytelling or communication strategy – not just a tactic. Sound should be used with intention, as it is poised to be the next frontier in business, storytelling and movements.

4. To use sound effectively, you must develop a strategy for both selecting and/or creating sounds and music that make it easier for your audience to understand your brand’s place in the world and their lives.

5. Look for “boom moments,” i.e., the right time for deploying the appropriate sound or snippet of music to relay information and emotion – ultimately creating associations that make it easier for people to recall memories and experiences.

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