The Art & Science of Social ROI

January 23, 2013by Hiebing

If 92% of U.S. brands are integrating social media into their marketing efforts, why are only 13% measuring its return on investment?

It’s no secret. Social ROI has presented marketers everywhere with one stubborn riddle to solve for. Social media offers no silver bullet, magic formula or golden ticket to return on investment. It requires marketers to practice the art of determining what social media success really looks like—combined with the science of gathering and analyzing data.

To better determine your social media ROI, consider the following steps:

  • First, clearly define your social media objectives (based on your business goals).
  • Measure! Here’s where art and science really come together. Keep track of discovery, trends, share of voice and sentiment.
  • Level up. Measure against yourself and competitors.

Get the full story: Check out the infographic we created for a breakdown of social ROI.

The Art and Science of Social ROI [INFOGRAPHIC]

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