It’s Your Fault

October 28, 2010by Jeane Kropp

It’s Your Fault

Feral packs of consumers? Yes, consumers are losing their domestication and losing their manners. And you created this.

When you’re developing your brand’s purchase or usage process, make sure it doesn’t cause consumers to chuck their manners to the side.

Some examples of sanctioned mayhem (that we’ve all experienced):

  • Airline boarding process: “Please stow all your items under the seat. If they don’t fit, roller bags go in the overhead compartment. Please don’t place your jackets or other items in the overhead.” You’ve all been there. Doesn’t work, does it? Passengers either scramble to board early so their stuff fits or they glare angrily at people taking more than their allotted space. And what does the airline staff do about it? Nothing.
  • Cable TV customer service line: “Your wait is 23 minutes.” What happens during those 23 minutes–blood pressure rises 230%, that’s what. Why can’t consumers input their phone numbers and have the cable company call them back in 23 minutes? At least you can relax while you stew about your TV reception fuzziness.

You wouldn’t let guests in your home fight over the last crudite. Why let consumers get angry when accessing your brand?

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