Kid Trax Rideamals Scout

Kid Trax Spurs Your Imagination With Launch of Rideamals Scout

January 17, 2019by Hiebing

Every mom wants to give a gift that a child will remember forever, but dreads buyer’s remorse. Solving that is a category-creative product from Kid Trax Rideamals!

Kid Trax, a leading maker of award-winning battery powered ride-on toys, planned to release its first Rideamal toy before the holidays. Scout, the Rideamal’s name, is a ride-on, interactive pet toy sold exclusively at Walmart and

We were happy to help bring this product to market.

In a category where products have historically had only ride-on functionality or only interactive engagement, kids can get bored with toys—fast. Scout is able to combine the ride-on functionality with the same level of interactive engagement that makes a toy most likely to be loved like a real family member.

To launch the product and build immediate awareness, drive sales and establish an on-brand first impression for Rideamals, we set out to produce and promote a digital video, social posts, a Facebook carousel ad and an interactive experience ad.

We began with a day-long video and social media image shoot. Multiple Scouts were on site, along with coloring books and plenty of snacks to keep the talent at their best. After introducing half a dozen kids to Scout and capturing their interaction with its 100+ sounds and movements, we cut and highlighted its top interactive features, including grooming, feeding, riding, walking and dancing.

To make a serious impact in the digital space leading up to the holidays, we designed a video to show just how magical Scout is. See how its lifelike interactive play will keep children engaged and imaginative.

We stitched together pieces of content to form a Facebook carousel and interactive experience ad to show how Scout is a lifetime memory maker for a child. Check them out!

Photo and video assets were published to Facebook and Instagram at a regular cadence and all were boosted with paid support to ensure the content made it in front of the make-it-magical mom target audience.

If you’re launching a new product, let’s talk about how we can help.

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