You’ve built an app… now what?

July 26, 2012by Paul Thompson

You’ve built an app… now what?

Someone at your company (maybe it was you) had an idea to build an app. The idea was to engage your target, providing them with value-added, branded content right at their fingertips. You’re in good company, given that App Store has more than 650,000 apps, and Google Play (formerly Android Market) isn’t far behind at 600,000.

Other than knowing the number of people who have downloaded it… do you know how it is doing? Thought so.

Good news! Google recently announced a new set of reports, currently in beta, called Mobile App Analytics. These reports help marketers understand the performance of mobile apps across all points of your target’s engagement, from the initial download to their ongoing engagement to outcomes.

This development is welcome news. Most marketers are very familiar with Google Analytics, so the learning curve should be short, with insights just a few keystrokes away.

So what can you learn? In a word, lots.

Many insights you’ve come to find invaluable from Google Analytics will be found here. You’ll be able to understand what channels your targets are using to initially discover your app, enabling you to fine-tune your acquisition initiatives. You’ll also know what devices and OSs are being used to access your app, enabling you to optimize user experiences and back-end support.

You’ll also gain insights into how your target is engaging with your app, in terms of frequency, time spent per occasion and flow of activity within the app. See issues or opportunities? If so, a new, enhanced release is sure to make your to-do list.

Finally, you’ll better understand what actions your target is taking, like buying or calling. Set up goals and track your conversion rates, optimize as needed.

Bottom line? This insight helps you fine-tune apps like you’re used to fine-tuning your website. These wonderful, branded assets should be working harder to develop your brand and your business. Google will be opening the beta up to whitelisted users in waves, so if you’re interested in using Mobile App Analytics, complete their sign-up form. What are you waiting for… dig in!


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