Media Myths

Myths of the Modern Media Landscape

February 3, 2016by hiebing2021

What will _____ look like five years from now?

It’s likely your favorite media has been drastically transformed over the years. We too have witnessed rapid changes to traditional media like television, social media and print.

While it may be easy to cut ties with “traditional” media and become enamored with the promises of new widgets and platforms, we advise our clients to assess a suite of media channels and to leverage traditional media in a strategic, holistic mix. A future where television is dead, social media is free and all magazines have been digitized is an unrealistic fantasy—and an unwise bet that can cost you money and customers.

“More media options have entered the landscape over the last 10 years than the 50 years before that, yet no media has been pushed off the landscape.”

– Barry Edison

At Hiebing, we embrace the ever-changing landscape and potential of new media as much as the next person. However, we also see the need to meet media at the intersection of wish-fors and realities, of new and old.

  • While video streaming has swollen, only 10% of people account for 87% of time spent streaming
  • While it’s easy to put content online, branded content competes with consumer content and requires a (paid) push to get ahead
  • While print subscriptions have dropped, special-interest magazines continue to see growth

To plead the case for champion media programs that include conventional media, we’ve disputed a few myths about traditional media. Moreover, we’ve analyzed the truth of how media like television, social media and magazines has recently changed and what we can expect in the next five years.

Heads-up: It’s no beautiful fantasy; it’s much more. If implemented right, it’s the best of both worlds.

…but first let’s see how the old world isn’t far from the new.

[slideshare id=57576390&doc=3mythsofthemodernmedia-160127202205]

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