The Average Consumer has Disappeared

November 16, 2009by Ann Dencker

The “average” consumer has disappeared

Looking at the 2010 Census, Advertising Age reported it is expected to find that the average consumer is now extinct in the United States.  Americans can no longer be neatly and easily defined. In fact,  Ad Age reports, “The iconic American family—married couple with children—will account for a mere 22 percent of households.”

Why is it, then, that many marketers still believe they should try to appeal to everyone with their brand, their product and their communications?  While these marketers may believe they are playing it safe, in reality, they are putting their brand’s success in jeopardy.  Marketers who try to appeal to everyone end up with messages that are overly general and appeal to no one.

Growing a brand requires prioritization.  We easily accept that idea when it comes to capital expenditures, staffing, budgets, etc.  No one wants an average staff or an average budget.  We want specific people working for us and specific dollar amounts to accomplish our specific business goals.

For many marketers, however, the idea of prioritization is harder to accept when targeting.  Prioritizing causes them to worry that they are excluding some potential consumers–and potential dollars. In reality, the key to successfully building a brand is to identify the high priority consumers your brand needs the most and taking the time to understand them.  Doing this doesn’t exclude other potential consumers; it allows you to delight your target and build devotion to your brand.

Forget the “average consumer”.  Set your sights on the carefully targeted consumer who will grow your brand.

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