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Unlocking Snapchat’s Major Key: Authenticity

March 1, 2017by Hiebing

Amid all the posting, tweeting and pinning, a different verb has worked its way to the social forefront: snapping.

Snapchat, an increasingly popular mobile app to which 18 – 24 year olds have flocked has seen a substantial increase in advertising over the past year. From clothing companies to professional sports teams and entertainment giants, brands are looking for new ways to engage with an audience that thrives on authenticity and word-of-mouth.

With around 150 million daily active users, Snapchat is the third most popular social network among millennials, trailing right behind Instagram and Facebook.

For our client Culver’s, Snapchat provided a new pathway for interacting with their younger customers in a meaningful way.

That’s why our team helped Culver’s design three target-inspired geofilters, which were available to Snapchatters within 20 feet of their 600+ Culver’s restaurants.

The creative focus of each geofilter was to capitalize on genuine guest thoughts and reactions, so users would feel compelled to share their in-restaurant experiences with friends.

Love Cheese Curds? Share your Curd Nerd pride.

Snap the perfect shot of your ButterBurger? Break out the Deluxe Cam.

Eating Fresh Frozen Custard and wishing your bestie was by your side? Share the endearing (or sarcastic) sentiment, “Wish you were here.”

Culver's Snapchat

Here are five key takeaways from our experience:

  1. Define how big of a splash you want to make: Sponsored geofilters and ads have minimum spend requirements that are not insignificant, and advertisers should expect to pay more than $500k for branded lens (which for now are only available nationally).
  1. Grow your following: Cross-promote your Snapchat presence across other social channels. Let your audience know you are in the game and want them to engage with you.
  1. Design creative around your target: Snapchatters are looking for a fun and relevant reason to add a geofilter design to their Snap. Think of artwork that woos users in such a way that they cannot help sharing with their friends.
  1. Keep constraints in mind: Don’t let your design cover more than 30 percent of the screen. Their Snap is about the unique experience they’re having, and your brand’s message should provide that additional touch.
  1. Stay on brand: Include the official brand logo in your creative and strive to hone in on the emotions people experience while interacting with your brand.

With these tips in mind, you are well on your way to inspiring brand devotion on one of the fastest growing social media apps!


If Snapchat is a new approach to marketing and advertising for you, reach out to Ted Jun at to learn how Snapchat can help elevate brand awareness, establish relationships with your target and increase your bottom-line.

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