Clearly Store Brands Are Freaking Out Marketers

November 5, 2012by Jeane Kropp

“We Don’t Make That Other Stuff”:
Clearly Store Brands Are Freaking Out Marketers

Upon a recent case of the crud, I had the occasion to browse the “cold and flu” aisle at a drug store. This lid wrapper really threw me for a loop:

While I get the point, it unfortunately makes me think more about store brands than I would have otherwise. And it tells me the Vicks brand is scared. And that many people are apparently choosing store brands over Vicks. And maybe I should too.

Word to the wise, fellow branders: Play your own game and play it well. Don’t stoop to implying things about other brands, especially without anything backing up your superiority. This reflects poorly on you and makes you seem kinda grumpy.

Oh, and by the way, don’t catch the crud.

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