What the h#!* is a mnemonic?

August 23, 2011by Jeane Kropp

Otherwise Known as “You do what? for a living”

Sometimes we just have to acknowledge the surreal-ness  of our jobs

Pet Food Marketer: “I wonder what substrate we should use for this package?”
Consumer: ‘That package looks interesting.”
Mutt: “Food?”

Pet Food Marketer: “Let’s discuss the merits of holistic vs. organic vs. all natural claims.”
Consumer: “I wonder what that means?”
Mutt: “Food?”

Pet Food Marketer: “Food sensitivities will be minimized if we eliminate poultry by-products and use human-grade protein sources.”
Consumer: “Ohhh, pretty picture of a dalmatian.”
Mutt: “My food?”

Pet Food Marketer: “This bounce-back, coupled with the web promo should lessen the purchase cycle from 45 days to 43 days.”
Consumer: “Oh look, I can get a free frisbee!”
Mutt: “Food!”

Pet Food Marketer: “If we make our launch date, that means we should hit our ACV goals by Q4.”
Consumer: “Oh, that’s something different.”
Mutt: “New food! New food!”

So go forth fellow marketers. Let’s continue our odd conversations about flighting, CPM,  CMS, CRM, cross-promos, end users and jpegs.

But always keep in mind, what we do is weird. Really really weird.

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