Who Are You? A Fun Exercise in Self-Exploration

June 10, 2010by Jeane Kropp

Who are you? A fun exercise in self-exploration

  • Which of these are you most likely to say when getting a little lost while driving?
    • “This looks right”
    • “This feels right”
    • “Oh, let’s just look it up”
    • “We never should have taken this trip”
  • You’re late for dinner with close friends. Upon your arrival, do you…
    • Make a comedic scene about your chronic tardiness or your scuffle with a warthog
    • Try to fly in under the radar and whisper apologies
    • Buy a round of drinks to make up for it
  • In the past year, which have you done more of?
    • Introduced people to each other
    • Been introduced to other people
    • Forgotten everyone’s names
  • Which of these statements best describes you?
    • I live to win
    • Better to lose and play the game than not play at all
    • Meh, I tried
    • Win, lose, I’m there for the beer
  • What’s your role in your family?
    • Consummate clown
    • Do-gooder
    • Task master
    • The one who forgets to show up
    • Money loaner
    • Needer of money, advice and a haircut
  • Do you believe a rainy day is….
    • Bound to flood the basement
    • Something that teaches us to enjoy the sun
    • Inevitable on your day off
    • A perfect reason to enjoy a book and some coffee

So now that you’ve completed our little quiz, please spend a minute thinking about who you are and how you exist in the world. Maybe you’re the thinker who has an easy time admitting mistakes. Or possibly the social networker with a strong sense of optimism. Or even the team player who grew up helping the family.

Whatever you are, understand how it impacts your perceptions of the world, communication and other people. Wouldn’t it be boring if we were all the same?

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