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Bringing tougher tools to more-than-capable hands

The Challenge

A global company known as a replacement parts manufacturer, Oregon had an opportunity to pivot and gain recognition as a precision-cutting powerhouse with relentless focus on the end user. To unlock their promise to the target audience, Hiebing assembled a bold new positioning and brand idea rooted in Oregon’s 75 years of heritage—paving the way to getting Oregon tools into consumers’ more-than-capable hands. Our storytelling was woven into an omnichannel approach that positioned Oregon as a precision cutting authority in the Forestry and Lawn & Garden categories.

The Possible

Connecting with the end user through a bold new positioning rooted in 75 years of heritage.

The Provable

Building brand story that translated into retail success through an omnichannel marketing strategy.

The Work


As a tribute to the pro end user, our series of videos highlight the sights and soundtracks that inspire and enrich the satisfaction of a hard day’s grind.

Brand Identity

Capturing the brand’s new essence, we upgraded the well-known logo with fresh typography that created a more ownable look.

Side-by-side comparison of the old and new Oregon Tool logos.

We created a series of visually captivating print ads that ran in trade pubs across the globe, honoring hardworking pros.

Oregon Tool print ad showing a close-up of a bearded face with a collection of wood chippings in it showcasing the success of using the Oregon Tool chainsaw.


We set out to amplify these stories, told by professionals to professionals, across the social media landscape in places like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

The Momentum

With Hiebing at the helm of their advertising efforts, Oregon has blazed a path forward to raising awareness and sales for their products worldwide. Sharing stories that honor their innovative roots and the target audience has cemented Oregon’s legacy as a force to be reckoned with in the Forestry and Lawn & Garden industries–and they’re just getting started.

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