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The Challenge

Since 1935, Schneider has been one of the leading, trusted names in the transportation industry. Known as a pioneer in technology long before innovation was cool, Schneider knows shippers need reliable capacity to move their freight, and carriers need easy access to book loads. The existing load board options were fragmented, requiring excessive time and energy to manage your day-to-day.

Enter Schneider FreightPower®–an online marketplace to connect shippers and carriers anywhere, anytime. To draw both sides of this audience in and familiarize them with the instant access to capacity FreightPower offered, we deployed an integrated phased campaign that got carriers to sign up and shippers to book loads.

The Possible

Reframing Schneider’s 85-year legacy into a modern marketplace that appeals to both shippers and carriers. 

The Provable

Real time campaign optimizations led to a steady increase in campaign conversions year over year, with 51% of orders booked coming from paid media in 2023.

The Work

The Carrier Work

To really jumpstart FreightPower, carrier sign-ups were a critical first step so that shippers had reliable capacity to book.


Introducing FreightPower to an audience always on the go, working against deadlines with limited time or energy to learn a new platform was no easy challenge. Our videos were the touchstone of an awareness campaign to demonstrate the seamless use the app offered.

Out Of Home

Carriers spend most of their workday on the road. We audited places throughout the U.S. that had heavy carrier traffic, such as on and off ramps close to warehouses, and deployed strategically placed out of home to drive awareness. 


As carriers settled into the ease FreightPower offered, we saw an opportunity for dedicated content to answer any pain points the prospect might encounter. We created infographics and white papers for gated content to give quick highlights about what FreightPower could do for carriers.

Schneider infographic: 5 time-saving features for better load booking


Social media was a perfect opportunity to A/B test the most effective messages for our carrier target. Quick, to the point messages worked best for carriers who needed just the facts while on the road.

Schneider freightpower social media ads featuring a truck on the road

two schneider freightpower social media ads on phones

The Work

The Shipper Work

With carriers tuned in and utilizing the app, our focus then shifted to shippers looking for capacity. Driving shipper registrations in FreightPower ultimately unveiled a new target audience with a different set of needs: reliable capacity, transparent pricing and 24/7 access to the status of their freight.

Print Ad

To capture shippers’ attention in a disruptive way, we launched a two-page print ad in multiple shipper-focused trade publications that highlighted the ease FreightPower offered. 

Schneider FreightPower two-page print ad, featuring a truck exploding out from the platform: Book instantly. Keep fright moving.

Dynamic Creative

Dynamic creative optimization tools allowed us to test an automated range of imagery, copy and calls to action with the shipper audience. Over time, the data proved our approach needed to be quick and efficient to get shippers the information they need.

a schneider facebook ad featuring a range of headlines

The Momentum

Standing up a new technology, especially with an audience that is skeptical of change, takes a strong strategic approach. A phased approach allowed us to introduce and then scale FreightPower for continued growth and refinement.

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