Content Marketing


Content marketing is a way to share expertise, build credibility and earn potential customers’ trust. You drive value around your brand, and your customers’ trade their contact information for your point-of-view. Ongoing, it creates “stickier” relationships, making you top-of-mind when your product or service is needed.

Our content marketing program begins with creating compelling content, ensuring it connects efficiently and effectively with your target across owned, earned and paid channels and developing effective paths-to-prospect to ensure we’re driving leads into the hands of sales teams.

Schneider: Mastering the Logistics of Content Marketing

Schneider, a premier provider of transportation and logistics services, had an opportunity to establish credibility among logistics professionals while helping to take some of the sting out of an unpredictable industry.


We dug deep into customer pain points, interviewed subject matter experts and developed a content library, Knowledge Hub, which lives on This content comes in a variety of forms—including white papers, position papers, case studies and infographics—and is searchable by industry, challenge and type. It can be viewed online, saved as a PDF or printed. This content library continues to grow in a meaningful way, addressing topics affected by industry or regulatory changes.


To maximize the value of each piece, we helped put a robust email system in place to distribute content to customers and interested prospects in advance of or during relevant situations. We also launched highly targeted banner ads, paid search and sponsored LinkedIn posts that link to Knowledge Hub content. As a result, Knowledge Hub increased the volume of prospects to and secured nearly 15 percent of the total leads in 2017.


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