Crisis Communications


The general public has become the consumer AND creator of 24/7 news and content. Thanks to social platforms, traditional media are no longer the gatekeepers. The world is talking about your brand in real time, whether you’ve issued a statement or not.

When your brand’s reputation is in jeopardy, our crisis experts will work tirelessly to preserve it. The combination of preparation and authentic messaging is the key to coming out of a crisis unscathed. We can provide varying levels of support, from in-the-moment message creation and consultation to developing comprehensive plans and ongoing community relations strategies to seed positive stories.

Preserving Your Brand's Reputation in a Crisis

Protecting your reputation is everything, and we take our role in that process very seriously. Especially when 85 percent of consumers say a company’s response to a problem is very important. We manage crisis communications for many brands, from start-ups to multi-billion dollar companies. Whether you’re preparing for known vulnerabilities or in the midst of a crisis, our goal isn’t to just control the flames; it’s to extinguish the spark.

There are three waves to crisis communications planning, and we can support clients in any or all of them. Here’s a sampling of our services in each.

Crisis Preparedness
  • Strategic plan creation
  • Vulnerability identification
  • Messaging templates
  • Crisis team drills
  • Spokesperson training
Crisis Response
  • In-the-moment consultation
  • Messaging
  • Media relations
  • Brand and industry monitoring
Crisis Recovery
  • Customized content
  • Community relations plan creation designed to seed positive stories and social media conversations

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