Presentation Training


People tend to prepare for big presentations by practicing what they’re going to say. Over. And over. And over. What they don’t know? Content influences audiences the least. So while they’re rehearsing slides in a whisper at their desks and in their cars, they’re missing an opportunity to perfect how they’re going to say it. Because what will actually move audiences? Their presence and voice.

For these reasons, we structure our training workshops to build confidence around all the factors that contribute to a successful presentation. We coach participants not only on the words they’re using, but also on factors like eye contact, gestures, volume and inflection. Appropriate for individuals and groups alike, presentation training is a way to ensure your message has the impact you intend it to.

ABC Supply: Nailing Presentation Prep

Building products distributor ABC Supply holds an annual Managers’ Meeting where, over three days, a dozen senior leaders take the stage to communicate the coming year’s priorities. A wealth of information is shared during this meeting, so each speaker’s delivery must be powerful enough to motivate representatives from more than 700 locations across the country.


To maximize each speaker’s skills and confidence, we developed a customized presentation training program that takes place two weeks before these meetings. We share proven presentation techniques designed to engage and motivate listeners, but the majority of the time is spent coaching presenters in one-on-one rehearsals. Speakers sign up for one (or more) hour-long sessions to run through their presentations and get feedback on content, presence and voice.


The result? Self-assured speakers and engaged managers, who are attentive and inspired, year after year.

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