Hiebing Book Club: The Simple Truths of Service

Hiebing Book Club: The Simple Truths of Service

December 18, 2020by Hiebing

We recently discussed “The Simple Truths of Service” by Ken Blanchard and Barbara A. Glanz, which explores the 10 universal truths of great service. The book relays these wonderful lessons through the real-life story of Johnny the grocery bagger. His efforts to put his own personal mark on every customer experience not only changed the culture of his company, but also the culture of companies all over the world. If you’re looking for an uplifting read that will inspire you to up the ante on customer service and harness the power of customer loyalty, pick up a copy here. If not, here are 5 fast takeaways and questions to spur ideation.

1. Great service starts with a clear vision.

Exceptional service never happens by accident; it’s intentional and always starts with the vision of the experience you want your customers to have. What is your brand’s definition of ideal customer service? If you don’t have one, now’s a perfect time to establish one. And if you do have one, how does your vision match reality? Also, how can you use customer feedback and reviews to improve it?

2. Great service surprises people.

Customers are typically expecting an average experience, which means stellar service is sure to surprise and delight. What are some small gestures that could have a big impact on them – and how can you implement them in ways that are wonderfully unexpected? What are some easy ways to relieve points of friction for your customers whether online or in person?

3. Great service begins with anyone, comes from the heart and goes the extra mile.

Regardless of their role, every single individual within an organization has the opportunity to make a difference. When people are allowed, encouraged and empowered to go above and beyond for the customer, great service is the result. How can you bake great service into the culture of your company? How can you wow your target and spur word-of-mouth momentum amid daily to-do’s, tentpole moments and the in-betweens?

4. Great service inspires stories.

If your customers are really excited about how you treat them, they’ll want to tell everyone they know about you and your brand – and their stories will multiply. This not only amplifies the marketing efforts you have underway, but also expands your sales force.

5. Great service brings customers back.

Customers have endless options, which means it’s important to give them a reason to return to you when they’re ready to make future purchases. What marketing initiatives can help keep your brand top of mind for the next consideration phase and conversion moment? Are there content marketing initiatives that help them with their questions and tackle commonly asked questions about your product or service? Unique offers on the anniversary of their purchase? Special moments that celebrate them (e.g., discounts on their birthday or exclusive deals based on past purchases or subscribership)?

If you’re looking for a partner to help you rethink the many ties between customer service and marketing, email Ted Jun at tjun@hiebing.com to set up a call.

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