the top 3 blogworthy posts of 2020

Hiebing’s Top 3 Blogworthy Posts of 2020 To Move Your Brand Forward In 2021

December 9, 2020by Hiebing

At the start of 2020, we couldn’t have known that the year’s hallmarks would include a world-changing pandemic, a racial reckoning, “Zoom” commutes, PowerPoint parties and shopping sprees and baking bonanzas that would lead to shortages of toilet paper, yeast and canned pumpkin.

Nor could we have known what the hallmarks of our 2020 blog content would be. However, thanks to the powers of data and hindsight, we are able to tell you now. In case you missed ’em, here are our top three blog posts of 2020 – each of which features insights and information that’ll help you move your brand forward in 2021.

1. Gen Z Is Growing Into Their Finances (and Their Purchasing Power)

In “What Elder Z’s Purchasing Power Means for Marketers,” we share insights from primary research our agency conducted into the money mindset of Gen Z’s eldest members, whom we call Elder Z. Half of these young adults are already in the workforce, and this post reveals their purchasing perspectives and priorities – and how they view their financial future.

The largest age group in the country, Gen Z already boasts a whopping $143 billion in buying power. That number will only increase in 2021 as another class of Elder Z advances into the U.S. workforce, boosting their financial independence as well as their significance to marketers.

2. The Remote Workplace: 2020’s Snag in the Fabric of Curiosity

A key driver of any company’s value and culture is its ability to both create and encourage curiosity among its people. Our piece “Barriers to Creating a Culture of Curiosity” helps you identify “curiosity vampires,” including complacency and the fear of looking dumb. We also shine light on ways to overcome obstacles and cultivate an inquiring mindset among teams.

This should be a priority in the best of times, of course, but it’s especially important during the pandemic. It isn’t surprising that COVID-19 has been hard on companies, workforce culture and curiosity. In fact, a 2020 survey reported that 45% of remote employees feel less mentally healthy working from home – something of concern moving into 2021.

These days all of our personal and professional interactions hinge on technology, which has echo chambers and algorithms that create barriers to creative thinking and the curiosity that fuels it. In the year ahead, it’ll be important to be extra intentional about how we use technology (and how we collaborate through it) to increase curiosity vs. stifle it. And this blog post is intended to help.

3. The Good Vibes Are Still Flowing From Facebook Groups

Our writeup entitled “Facebook Groups: Where Organic Reach Still Occurs (and How to Leverage It)” digs into the magical world where brands are able to engage authentically with current and potential customers without them feeling pressured to purchase. If and when the right groundwork is laid, brands have the opportunity to take part in or actually create entire communities where they can discover fresh insights about the group members who are their prospective or existing customers.

From 2017 to 2019, Facebook Groups grew by 300 million people, which underscores their increasing value to the platform’s users. Thanks to the rare and enticing promise of organic reach found in these groups – something social media marketers don’t see much of anymore – you can bet that brands are going to boost their efforts in creating groups in the year ahead. Carving out more room in your social content calendar and budget for Facebook Groups might be exactly what could keep your brand part of the conversation in 2021.

Want to learn more about Gen Z, cultivating curiosity or the upside of Facebook Groups for your brand? Email to set up a call.

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