Better Make Sure Your Brand Doesn’t Need CPR

December 6, 2011by Jeane Kropp

Danger, Will Robinson!

“Can you grab a water for me?”

“We’re going to start looking for an SUV.”

“I really need a new smartphone.”

Anything in particular stand out to you in those quotes? How about the fact that forms are taking precedence over brands? Marketers, consider it a warning sign of iffy brand health if your target thinks in terms of form first, brand second.

Litmus Test:

How would your brand rank if you augmented your awareness measures with brand versus form measures?

  • Example:   When thinking about your next purchase of popcorn, please rank your top three considerations/desires in order of importance.
    • Microwavable
    • Kernels that are popped in oil
    • Extra butter
    • Orville Redenbacher
    • No or Low salt
    • Act II
    • Flavored, such as caramel, cheddar or nacho
    • Low fat
    • Branded, not store brand or generic

I know how I’d answer this question:
1. Microwavable  2. Extra butter   3. Branded

Orville and Act II, you don’t make the list. They should worry.

Should you?

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