Your Comments Welcome!

October 11, 2011by Amanda Broderick

Your Comments Welcome!

Blogs are a space to share ideas. At their best they are an exchange of ideas, with blog readers building on or taking ideas in new directions or disagreeing and offering counterpoints.

Earlier this year the popular tech and consumer electronics blog Engadget turned off the reader comments. Engadget said the decision was made because the tone of the comments had turned ugly.

Which leads us to ask: Is the comment function necessary to a blog?

Moderating a blog can be time consuming. And as the Engadget example demonstrates, people say bad things. So why allow comments?

Because a blog isn’t a website. If a brand simply wants to share a point of view, there’s no need to create a second location for this. Say it loud and proud on the website. If a brand wants to spark or join a conversation, a blog’s the spot.

Please discuss.

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