Building Brand Awareness With Talkin’ Tex-Mex  

March 25, 2024by Hiebing

A unique intersection of eccentric vibes and the most delicious Tex-Mex, Chuy’s, a beloved brand throughout Texas and 16 other states, was on a mission to build brand awareness in underserved markets. But how to introduce the one-of-a-kind experience you can only find at Chuy’s? With cheeky, irreverent and playful concepts that complement the fun-loving energy you’ll find while savoring their heaven-sent handmade tortillas and signature sauces made from scratch. Enter Talkin’ Tex-Mex, a video campaign series highlighting conversations between food items that mirror conversations had by guests around any Chuy’s table.  

The Challenge 

Chuy’s is all about delivering an authentic and fun Tex-Mex experience that tantalizes taste buds and brings people together. Talkin’ Tex-Mex is a celebration of the offbeat nature of their brand that makes every visit a unique encounter. Invested in a collaborative marketing strategy that would reach audiences at meaningful moments, Chuy’s Talkin’ Tex-Mex spots had to capture audience attention in 30 seconds or less. Our objective was to create video assets that offered a compelling creative concept, allowing Chuy’s to show up in video environments as audiences were wrestling with the idea of where their next meal might be. 

By spotlighting the personalities of the patrons who visit and the mouthwatering menu items that perfectly match their energy, Chuy’s audiences could vicariously experience what the brand offers. This strategy and execution resulted in 30-, 15-, and six-second video spots that were deployed across various social channels and were powered by paid media.  

The Strategy 

Chuy’s infuses a vibrancy to an ordinary day, and we wanted show that with pops of colors in unexpected ways. Aiming to entice newcomers and loyal fans to stop by for an experience unlike any other and keep coming back for the fresh, homemade eats, the Talkin’ Tex-Mex 30-second spot begins by featuring fan favorites. Shot in an open and operating restaurant, the spot features signature dishes like Chips and Queso, sizzling Fajitas, Mexi-Cobb Salads and freshly squeezed margaritas — a mouthwatering spread that you could smell through the screen. These fan favorites are shown having conversations that guests may have while enjoying Tex-Mex with their crew — whoever that may be.  

Each 15- and six-second spot focused on specialties that you can only get at Chuy’s, such as the value-size serving of the Big As Yo’ Face burritos. They also showcased the still bona fide Chuy’s experience you can have when you’re on the go with To Go offerings like their Chicka-Chicka Boom-Boom Enchiladas. What resulted was a commercial that had a little something for everyone — and made us hungry for some delicious Tex-Mex. 

The Impact  

This strategic deployment not only bolstered brand awareness, but ignited an enthusiasm among Tex-Mex aficionados ready for an authentic Chuy’s dining experience. As a result, we observed a notable uptick in followers across all social media platforms, indicating a growing audience engagement and affinity for Chuy’s. Talkin’ Tex-Mex resonated strongly with their target demographic and continues to help wrangle a pack of hungry friends and families into Chuy’s. In the meantime, we’ll see y’all at Chuy’s! 

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