Hiebing’s Glow-Up: New Iconic Sign by an Austin Legend 

March 29, 2024by Hiebing

When Roman Hiebing founded our agency in 1981, it was with a clear vision that a high bar for excellence and “we before me” collaboration would lead to great work. Nestled on the corner of Toomey and Sterzing, just steps away from the iconic Zilker Park, that vision shines brighter than ever before with the opening of our permanent home in Austin. And what better way to pay homage to Austin’s rich, unique heritage than with a stunning, one-of-a-kind neon sign crafted by none other than local artist and icon – Evan Voyles.

A true vintage cowboy with a passion for the classics (be it literature, architecture or some good ol’ rock and roll) and a keen eye for enticing imagery, Evan’s journey as a self-taught sign restorationist and artist traces back to the legendary Route 66, where he wrangled his first sign. Evan began to study and explore the techniques used by classic sign makers – leading to his renegade style as a self-instructed welder, artist, painter and installer. This unique blend of interests led to an impressive collection of vintage signs, boots and other slices of Americana – and served as inspiration to fill the need for the lost art of neon signs.

In 1993, he found himself in the sign business overnight, selling his first neon sign to Tesoros, an iconic folk art and handmade treasures trading company in the heart of downtown Austin. The rest, as they say, is history. Evan’s award-winning signs have become a familiar invitation to stop on by on the streets of Austin and beyond – adorning independent music venues, boutiques, iconic local restaurants like Chuy’s and, most recently, Hiebing’s new home. Like the Squat ’N’ Gobble sign that illuminates Brené Brown’s podcast studio and the giant neon Stubb’s BBQ sign lighting up the revered music venue on Red River – Hiebing’s sign joins over 500 other pieces of neon magic from Austin to Japan made by the local legend.

Like Hiebing’s Austin beginnings, Evan’s Neon Jungle has grown from a solo operation to an extended team of trusted creatives. Together, they infuse a sense of nostalgia and authenticity into each piece, a nod to classic American roadside signage found from West Texas to San Francisco.

A genuine celebration of Hiebing’s origins with a Texas twist, our new building and neon beacon of Americana illuminates the path Roman Hiebing blazed over four decades ago. We’re excited to write the next chapter of our story in the heart of this vibrant city we proudly call home, and we have Evan’s incredible art lighting the way.

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