Reflections on a Cardboard Box

January 5, 2011by Jeane Kropp

Packaging: The Next Frontier

Having just purchased, opened and disposed of many packages (happy holidays all), it dawned on me that packages are very, very boring. Now, I don’t mean the graphics, I mean the process of opening the package.

While more packaging isn’t necessarily good, I do believe experiential packaging could be the next advance we see. I was recently reading about restaurants incorporating sounds into the dining experience (sounds of the ocean, gentle breezes, etc.). So why not bring brands and products to life by building sound into the package? Imagine opening any of these products:

  • Running shoes that include the sound of speed
  • A diamond necklace complemented by the sound of delicate bells
  • Puppy toys made extra special by a sweet puppy sigh

Banish the boring packaging, bring on the sensory experience!

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