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Data Scientist/Partner

If it can be measured, Frank will quantify it. If it’s complicated, Frank can simplify it. As our resident data scientist, Frank uses machine learning methodology to apply analytical rigor in how we plan, model and evaluate marketing investments and business outcomes. Frank and his team of data analysts and engineers are activated on accounts to pinpoint which data-analytics opportunities offer the most benefit to a client’s bottom line. They design algorithms and models that comb through large data sets to identify statistical patterns and trends that can be used to improve future business decisions.
Leveraging an array of modeling techniques such as random forest, k-means, support vector machines, linear regression and logistic regression, it should come as no surprise that we regard him as “Frank the Think Tank.” He has deployed marketing mix modeling to determine the success of a brand’s first foray into Spanish-language marketing, designed multivariate models to predict out-of-state tourism visits and developed an affinity metric that helped in forecasting likely donation behavior by university alumni.
After graduating from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Frank received his MBA from North Park University with concentrations in econometrics and marketing. Frank has over a decade of experience on both the business and consumer research sides of marketing analytics, working across a wide spectrum of brands and categories in both Chicago and Madison. If being surrounded by numbers at work wasn’t enough, Frank is suitably outnumbered at home as a father to quintuplets who are hardly predictable.

Two Truths and a Lie:

  1. Was hired as a consultant by the producers of “Moneyball”
  2. He and his wife publish a parenting and health blog
  3. Always ready to play MTGO…are you game?