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Media Director/Partner

Having traveled to over two dozen countries on four continents, Lynn is conversational in several languages, but she is most fluent in the language of media. Not only does she understand what DSP, tROAS and CTR mean, she is an expert at translating all that shorthand into a comprehensive strategy that will move a client’s business forward, which is why her favorite acronym is ROI.

Lynn cut her teeth at some of the largest media agencies in the world including Starcom, Universal McCann and Doner. Her “big agency” experience and unique worldview have been instrumental in how Hiebing’s media offering has become a center of excellence that punches above its weight class. Under her leadership, Hiebing is integrated with two programmatic demand-side platform trade desks, which improve access to digital inventory and allow us to exert more control over how our clients’ media dollars are put to work. Lynn has also secured key data management platform relationships, activated in-house attribution modeling systems and manages Hiebing’s marketing automation practice. Beyond her expertise in spots, dots and pixels, she is a formidable communications planning strategist who understands how to maximize the customer journey and deliver actionable intelligence.

Like many of us at Hiebing, Lynn is a “boomerang-er.” After graduating from the University of Wisconsin—Madison, Lynn relocated to Detroit but eventually returned to Madison where she established her new home base for international jaunts. Once a year, Lynn trades in her signature work stilettos for walking shoes and embarks on a ten-day excursion to a country she’s never visited before. It’s a matter of time before she checks Antarctica off her list.

Two Truths and a Lie:

  1. Unapologetically loves unicorns
  2. While leading the Harley-Davidson media account she bought a “Fat Boy”
  3. Gantt charts serve as her emotional support animal